'KAHAANI(2012)' is a must-watch movie especially for women of feminist-favourites.
                                 The movie's narration resembles a hollywoodistic approach and thus makes it lucrative.Coming to the performances,Vidya's approach was again idealistic nicely backing up an award-winning performance in 'THE DIRTY PICTURE' turning gorgeous from paltry.The twist in the tale is very optimistic as it gives you an interest to watch it once more.The 'BOB BISWAS' character is already finding its popularity and all other artists played their part well.
                                  Overall,the movie is a worthwhile watcher,especially for females.Students,please make sure that ur family doesn't miss it atleast for your kitchen-tortoises :P  and boyfriends,provoke your gf's but make sure they don't turn against you! :P
                                          RATING : 4/5


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  2. hey barry...welcome to the bloggers world..congratulations for posting your first one:):)..well I being a feminist to the core, will definitely watch it...but your opinion is contradictory...at one point of your post, you want gals lyk me to watch n promote it and at another point you call the heart of the family as "kitchen tortoises"!!!...not at all fair on your part!!...anyway keep Blogging:):)

  3. that's just to intended to pinch u females and provoke you ;)


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