Deep Work- How focused work can bring peace and happiness to your life

Came across this self-help book "Deep Work' by Cal Newport. Very surprised to have a CS professor writing self-help books. The topic that he chose as well is for efficient working by concentration.
The interesting concept he talks about is attention residue theory. Attenttion residue is a concept which is on the other side of multi-tasking. Cal says that in 1990's he thinks people were reported to multi-task example: checking their inbox but also talking to a person at the same time. He says post 1990, the general trend is not just multi-tasking but a concept called attention residue. Meaning while doing work, we switch to social media like Facebook, youtube etc. We switch tasks before the task is complete. The attention residue theory states that when a task is switched, our brain still has attential residually stored while doing the other task. What this leads to is while getting back to work from your social media distraction, your attention residue of social media sti…

Is veganism philosophically sound?Why vegans can/cannot consider drinking milk for protein?

Hey health freak! (sorry not you, I am). So this is a stepwise debate I fought with myself on 'Why vegans can/cannot consider drinking milk for protein' using the internet. Even though some sources can't be claimed by me to be true, all the sources I used for my arguments seemed reliable to me. Better believe me than do the hardwork again :P

I think this argument started with this thought in my mind:

So can I really not say protein if I am a vegan is the question I tried to answer indirectly.
Firstly, for mostly Indian population (as I am an Indian), So can I really not say protein if I am a vegan is the question I tried to answer indirectly.

Firstly, for mostly Indian population (as I am an Indian), veganism is both the practice of abstaining from the use of animal products, particularly in diet, and an associated philosophy that rejects the commodity status of animals. (Wiki) This basically means that they don't consume even milk as milk feeders (MILF's) like cows ar…


How do you respond to these? I think of 2 typical responses:
1. Share it, fight against friends with different favourite actors and develop enemies 2. Lol!
Alternately, do you say "why should I care about what actresses say other than their dimensions?" Hell, you sound like a reckless student who spent more time on XXX than on your total study time, but that would probably be the 3rd favourable answer.
But at some point, you may have pitied many of your friends like me who choose option 1 and fight onthis “Indian shit”. I define it as that shit which one shouldn’t give a shit about.
Global awareness of shit: I remember when I was westernized at some point in my life. I meant I initially loved Justin Bieber and later hated him by seeing the number of dislikes on Youtube for his “Baby” song. I watched a lot of TV Series and movies too and started making my own jokes of Leonardo De Caprio and Oscars. Years passed. I watched and talked a lot of shit and I’m now like “You don’t …

Why Indian cinema needs more Bold Actresses!

Hello to all the lovers of Indian adult cinema! This post is for guys to feel hot and girls to be cool! And yes, this post is meant to attract attention through vulgar content. Now, you're up for it! 
What is a common thing that you can see in the romantic scenes of Indian films ? The heroine moves her head horizontally when the hero starts the foreplay. However, she’s the one helping the guy to strip/seduce her ultimately.

For example, in this-- (no further details required I think!)

I know you wouldn't want to read after seeing this, but still ...(Thoda sa samhalo usko!)

Have you ever wondered why the heck in “Aashiq Banaya Apne” does Tanushree Datta resist Emraan stripping her, when she herself runs to him for a kiss? Well, you might say that “all Indian girls are like that only. They want everything from inside but boy should do all”. It may be true, but that discussion is for some other day.

I wonder why Indian actresses are inclined to give bold statements about kissing and…

Aptitude Test for a Manager

Does the aptitude needs to be tested for being a Manager?
When I was in B.Tech, I always had this question in my mind whenever I attended a company apti. I was in a perception that aptitude test is a brutal way to shortlist candidates just to outweigh them in number and relevantly I was mostly ousted by it. But once I started working for an organization and given I had worthwhile experiences with CAT & GRE, I was amazed that every possible section of aptitude could be corresponded to be critically functional in case of a manager. I figured out a priority order for significance of each of these sections, in adjudging a manager’s candidature.
Comprehension: This is the most important area for a manager to surge in an organization. Comprehension critically decides the capabilities of understanding, problem solving and communication effectiveness of a manager.  Most of us mistake and expect comprehension passages to be the direct answer searching passages we had in our high school. Bu…

Why English movies don't have songs?

During my childhood, I always wondered how could a Hero and a Heroine in an Indian movie simultaneously compose the same song in a duet, when in reality, most people can’t even compose a single song in their entire life. I was shy to ask this question until I saw my first English movie, Titanic, which had a beautiful sound track which was not embedded in the movie. Directors strive to impinge a vicarious feel of the movie within the viewer  and  involve in its characters. In such efforts, a duet song or a male protagonist synchronizing song with a party dancer within seconds (even like Senorita song in ‘Zindagi na Milegi Dobara’ of Hindi Movie) might oust the audience back to reality, making the director’s efforts futile.
Exceptionally, English movies have songs which are either background scores or sung with assumable practice, but are not showcased as instantaneously composed. 
Depiction of feelings in an album song is generally by the actual musician, which makes it more realistic.

Peculiarities of Various Tollywood Music Directors

Friends , Many of us  keep our ears blocked for most of the time with earphones or Headphones (cleaning the ears purpose also being solved :P) by listening to Various Songs. When we being 'Telugu Talli' infantry (biddalam :P), we mostly listen to Tollywood Songs which are composed mostly in the recent times by either of these professionals.
Chakri,Manisharma,Devisri Prasad, M.M.Keeravani, S.S.Thaman,Sandeep Chowtha, Harris Jayaraj, Yuvan Shankar Raja and fortunately World's maestro A.R.Rehman. All these people except Rehman and Yuvan , have peculiarities and Hilarious things about their music.

1) Chakri : This man always wants noise in his songs (Gola :P) . He also loves to take songs from foreign albums(u know many). He,nevertheless , makes some melodies which really sound good forever. He is a big Shelter( Anda) for the industry :P but he seems out of the top Movies' preference list nowadays.
2) Manisharma : He is the typical orthodox Tolly music director. His Backg…