B'DAY BUMS....Or heights of doldrums!

i never knew wat b'day bums meant n wat it signifies....but i got to know it by today as i'm sitting the next day of my b'day....
It is defined as the brutal handicap war using all the non-bleeding weapons against a lad yet to be born . Actually I opine it is meant to kill a person so that he/she will be reborn on his/her b'day.....isn't that the motive behind that?
But people don't realise that the new person to be born is done with defects down and a thick frown.
So finally after getting a gift, u realise that u r something special for ur loved ones but  butt still doesn't feel the same.
          So,finally b'day bums consists of  poised plums all ovr the boday,nervy gums of the upcoming b'day lad,which will make every lad to fear about his/her b'day and I suggest  making it smooth by staying back at home at least makin ur golden night precious.


  1. hey barry... i totally second ur opinion regardn d bday bums...its a huge torture for d bday boy/gal...ya i said 'gal' coz nwadays even gals r gettn these!!!!...though nt as gruesome as u boys..bt truly its a huge pain in d a**!!! God nly knws wen dis wud come to an end.. i pity ur present state..tc


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