Why English movies don't have songs?

During my childhood, I always wondered how could a Hero and a Heroine in an Indian movie simultaneously compose the same song in a duet, when in reality, most people can’t even compose a single song in their entire life. I was shy to ask this question until I saw my first English movie, Titanic, which had a beautiful sound track which was not embedded in the movie. Directors strive to impinge a vicarious feel of the movie within the viewer  and  involve in its characters. In such efforts, a duet song or a male protagonist synchronizing song with a party dancer within seconds (even like Senorita song in ‘Zindagi na Milegi Dobara’ of Hindi Movie) might oust the audience back to reality, making the director’s efforts futile.

Exceptionally, English movies have songs which are either background scores or sung with assumable practice, but are not showcased as instantaneously composed. 

Depiction of feelings in an album song is generally by the actual musician, which makes it more realistic.

On the other hand, we Indians prefer a combo-pack of entertainment at a single ticket and we seldom put efforts to enjoy music through Albums and covers. As a result, we Indians have accepted the incredible talents of our protagonists to instantaneously compose, along with some other traits, as ‘obvious’, and thus we find them logical. Wake up LOGICAL INDIANS!!!


  1. Well written.
    Movies like Attacks of 26/11 that differ from orthodox Indian movies do not taste success. There are commercial movie and there are art movies. No art movie has been commercially successful.

  2. may be our indian film industry pesonnel are interested in commercial way of presenting movies since independence...they lack courage to make a movie in realistic way.. i mean some big bosses in film industry are too commercial, altough some kollywood directors have taken those realistic movies.! wat u say DR.RAMOS!!


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