(this article purely based on pithy observation.Resemblances only coincidental no pinpointing from my side.)
                                     As majority of the colleges have,our college has also got student council being elected by students directly,which notion seems student-friendly method.But what most people dont ponder over is the actual controversial politics that takes place because of the elections in premier institutions like NITW,the reason being NIT dominated over 60% by telugu speaking students.
                                     Yes,AP guys strive to dominate the politics though they don't try to even poke into cultural activities to be candid (generalised one which even applies to me :) ).As the subject(politics) is of  immense interest,they dedicate their best in their trials to win over their opponents.
                                      Moreover,our college has got regionalistic feelings which gave rise to district-wise division of batches which play a major part in politics.
                                      The funniest fact about batches is that they(members of the batch) all vote (mob-style)  for the same person irrespective of their personal opinion and notion whether that person is fit for the post or not.When a region of AP is doing blind politics, why won't students from other than AP take advantage of it? They definitely will be more united in a foreign place.
                                        Coming to the college's student council, it consists of elected class and branch representatives who are elected by students directly thus somewhat being fair enough to elect the deserving (feasible for BTech 1st years as they are amateurs in politics).But for the 4 ultimate posts (in BTech),namely 1st and 2nd year Joint Secretaries,3rd year's General secretary and the final year's President (of NITW),there comes actual politics into play,as they are elected by CR's and BR's.
                                         It includes some of these interesting scenes.
1) SUPPLYING LIQUOR AND BIRYANI just before the day of elections (socially bribing which we might have studied in Civics I guess in about national politics) to grab (sometimes only impress bcoz votes are not guaranteed) the votes of a particular regional batch and sometimes group of good friends to change election scenarios.
2) Heights of DECEPTION : The irony being nobody even knows who voted for whom. So many people take advantage of that fact and sometimes they get deceived by the same fact.
For example, a person(Karan) wanted to win in his branch and become a general/joint secretary, so he promised to give his support to a presidential candidate of his branch(Madan) and took his assistance to defeat his opponent(Sivan) .But,he promised to give support to another presidential candidate(Charan) who was strong. So though Karan wins as CR/BR(deception no 1 to Sivan from Madan),he gives support to Charan (Deception no 2 to Madan).After Charan wins as president,then comes elections for Gen Sec or Jsec , then Charan deviates his support against Karan as he thinks Karan is a double-gamer ( deception no 3 from Charan to Karan ).But still Karan cant understand who deceived him correctly .  That is the misery and mystery in these politics .
3) ALUMNI INVOLVEMENT: Even alumni and the former representatives,who are pioneers in college politics during their days, come into picture during elections to guide their respective(their regional batch) juniors.I don't even understand how they get leisure to poke into juniors' politics.
                                           So,guys what I want to say is that if politics of college level is itself that dangerous to stand out for ordinary persons,then just imagine the National politics.
                                           My sincere suggestion/request to NITW is that please change the method of election of student council as you will not get able leaders as representatives but you can expect only expert student politicians by this method.Some NIT's like SURAT  have a better and different system for electing Representatives which may please looked into and implemented( It is similar to somewhat electing the CORE TEAM for COLLEGE FESTS).Here,you are spoiling students and their friendships too.      


  1. excellent observation...and scripted in a nice way...i only hope this reaches out to all the students out there in NITW and admin...you forgot to mention the involvement of seniors(passed outs) to have their juniors in those positions so that they can continue their dominance...!!

  2. thanks a lot bro.... and yeah missed out and il add now

  3. It should not be like the selection of core teams...bcoz again lecturers play the key role...so it would be more administration friendly......wat i feel is for the elections of the executive body and the president all the students of the college should vote...and this make the election of the council directly...

  4. yeah bro...this wud be a better option if someone organizes it well :)

  5. See bro no one will come fwd ....we should step fwd for such initiative...if we think about some one...there will be no one...and y cant we...be that some one...u just think abt it...

  6. really true.....must be changed..........

  7. @kranthibhai its true we shud cme fwd.... wel strive for it ....

  8. yeah good idea to make the executive body election to all students choice,were the real leaders come into picture nt the politicians..:P

  9. yeah that can be an idea or some other method comes into limelight by simpl suggestions ..... that wnt be an issue..... :)


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