The most awaited violent Jr.NTR entertainer "Dhammu" has released.As the city dwellers won't prefer it by its first look of village environment and sometimes irritating when prolonged dialogues,so the whole agenda lied in entertianing rural crowd which could have been done by decent performances,powerful dialogues,good porvoking violence, mesmerising beauties though paltry. But every attempt of Boyapati Srinu in entertaining the crowd went futile as even all the above mentioned elements were more or less absent.From NTR's side, there isn't any fault as he was with his usual impeccable dialogue-delivery standards though his dance performnces wern't highlighted.Coming to the female lead,it was a complete mess taking age-barred Trisha and defectively looking Karthika even they were present only for the (video) songs.1st half could have been made more lucrative by better beauties.Storyline is the only catch for the movie though it is typical Hero-centred drama.But Srinu missed his applauses for not living to the action sequences that made 'Simha' a big hit.
                                          Overall, movie is a one-time watchable definitely if you like NTR & his dialogues.But posh people can even better enjoy this movie if they watch ironically.
                                                         RATE IT : 2.25/5


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