Why Indian cinema needs more Bold Actresses!

Hello to all the lovers of Indian adult cinema! This post is for guys to feel hot and girls to be cool! And yes, this post is meant to attract attention through vulgar content. Now, you're up for it! 

What is a common thing that you can see in the romantic scenes of Indian films ? The heroine moves her head horizontally when the hero starts the foreplay. However, she’s the one helping the guy to strip/seduce her ultimately.

For example, in this-- (no further details required I think!)

Tanu runs towards Emraan for a kiss. (Aashiq Banaya Apne)

Tanu feeling shy and forceful! (Aashiq Banaya Apne)

I know you wouldn't want to read after seeing this, but still ...(Thoda sa samhalo usko!)

Have you ever wondered why the heck in “Aashiq Banaya Apne” does Tanushree Datta resist Emraan stripping her, when she herself runs to him for a kiss? Well, you might say that “all Indian girls are like that only. They want everything from inside but boy should do all”. It may be true, but that discussion is for some other day.

I wonder why Indian actresses are inclined to give bold statements about kissing and wearing a bikini and later regret for it. A typical actress statement would be “I wouldn’t degrade for roles. I will neither go for a bikini or do kiss scenes.” That's exactly when Bollywood Masala is desperate about posting her hot scenes. It ends up sharing scenes of her being in full towel as “Unseen Bathroom sex - must watch”!The weird thing is the same heroine may even end up doing bikini scenes after a while, when no director really wants her. Of course she can also choose to end her career like Asin which is least preferred. In a nutshell, such heroine is technically being 'raped' by time!

On the other hand, think about someone like Alia Bhatt. Alia is gossiped as the alter ego of Emraan Hashmi. But wonder what, she is rarely perceived as Veena Malik or Mallika Sherawat are. In fact, one can clearly see how good and comfortable she is at kissing (like below).
Alia in "2 states"- One can rarely find a smile like that (as in the bottom image of the 3) in kissing scenes!

Now, think about Nandana Sen! Have you ever thought that a Bollywood actress would expose our boob on the screen, as she did in the movie "Rang Rasiya"? But why is she not being depicted as a “Bitchish, anything for role” Heroine? Well, maybe because she is the daughter of the great Indian economist and philosopher Amartya Sen? Anyway why would you care about an on-screen chick’s father for that case a chick's father, unless you consider marrying her or you misdial to her landline phone!

Nandana Sen in the movie "Rang Rasiya"

I think here comes boldness my friend! Now, boldness doesn’t just lie in skin show. It lies in exhibiting confidence and the command while doing romantic scenes. Even though the concept of a romantic scene can be attributed to the director and it is likely that even he comes up with some mundane male-dominated stuff, directors are very likely influenced by the improvisation of their actors. I’m not sure if directors even know how they exactly want a hot scene to look like. So the ball is always in the actors’ court. Forget the audience, as the youth are still fighting their elders for privacy to watch hot scenes and anything would do for them in the hasty time they get!

On the other hand, boldness clearly needs to be complemented with good acting skills for the romantic scenes to be really attractive. However, the combination of boldness with acting skills would narrow down the contemporary list to a fewer likes of Deepika,Priyanka, Kangana, Vidya Palan etc.
So, why do guys watch a hot song/ scene? “Mujhe achta lagta yaar, aur kya bataoo?” I know English is better to express this. Its sensuality/eroticity (-city words makes it sound decent, doesn’t it? Hail English as we are used to!). Now, have you ever wondered that even girls would love watching hot songs or Beautiful butterFlies? Yes, that is as true as sky is blue! So what does the typical Indian cinema have in store for the girls to watch? Yes, we do have a lot. For example, take one of our all time favourite romantic song "Mujhe Kya hua Ye Bataa" from the movie Justice Choudhary. Watch the muted video, it will seem something like this:

Sridevi: “Hoy ma, kab khatam karenge ji?”
Jeetendra 'enjoying' ner navel: “Hojayega chokri bas, ek aur minute chup raho!" (Sounds like a dentist right?)

Sridevi and Jeetendra from the movie "Justice Choudhary"

So, if this is what you want girls to see, then technically you want girls to contemplate and enjoy rape. Seriously? Don’t agree with this thought even in your mind, as someone like Jasleen Kaur could be waiting for you at the police station with you getting anonymously popular throughout Facebook and Twitter!

 After all, the words 'love', 'sex', 'movies', 'girls' and 'hot' feature among the top 10 keywords searched on google by Indians, as per a reliable Survey I thus believe that the mindsets of major chunk of Indian audiences can be signifcantly influenced by movies, actresses especially by the way hot scenes and songs are depicted. Irrespective of what the director plans to shoot, that extra bit of boldness from the female lead could change the perspective of the overall audience. It would mainly change the perception of those many men in India who still assume sex and romance as their granted privileges of forcing women and torturing them. Instilling in them even some regard for how women think when they contemplate sex would be a big move forward. Moreover, both hero and heroine seeming comfortable in such a scene would make people of both genders even watch them together with more ease.

Now, what I finally say from this shit is that Bollywood  should have more bold actresses than it has, for 2 good reasons:

1.   Make the girls confident that they can explicitly enjoy sensuality. Instill the freedom of thought in more women. This can only be brought about by their favourite celebrities.

2.   I would love to watch hotter scenes of more beautiful actresses. (Girls, still I’m a feminist you know!)

Come on upcoming cute chicks of India! Bollywood is waiting for you to be bold and more open-minded and in turn make us men free from superior-mindedness in our patriarchal society.


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