Alia Bhatt doesn’t know what BJP stands for!
How do you respond to these? I think of 2 typical responses:
1. Share it, fight against friends with different favourite actors and develop enemies
2. Lol!

Alternately, do you say "why should I care about what actresses say other than their dimensions?" Hell, you sound like a reckless student who spent more time on XXX than on your total study time, but that would probably be the 3rd favourable answer.

But at some point, you may have pitied many of your friends like me who choose option 1 and fight on this “Indian shit”. I define it as that shit which one shouldn’t give a shit about.

Global awareness of shit:
I remember when I was westernized at some point in my life. I meant I initially loved Justin Bieber and later hated him by seeing the number of dislikes on Youtube for his “Baby” song. I watched a lot of TV Series and movies too and started making my own jokes of Leonardo De Caprio and Oscars.
Years passed. I watched and talked a lot of shit and I’m now like “You don’t even know who Sia is?” to a stranger, making her feel like she is not worthy to live anymore!

Well, these were good enough to make me feel confident with any global circle I was with. Don't you believe my knowledge? Check me out!

Q. Describe the following popular international stars and celebrities in just one line?
1)      Blake Shelton: He doesn’t know who Benedict Cumberbatch is, shit man!
2)      Sia Furler: She is the singer who has a troubled past. She hides her face in public.
3)      Justin Bieber: Singer sometimes called gay but he has a tattoo of Selena Gomez.
4)      Amartya Sen: His daughter exposed her boob on screen in Bollywood. (Come on dude, I know he lives in the US. So he is international!)

I know I am highly knowledgable, thanks!

Now with this knowledge I meet somebody who refers to Blake Shelton and his country music. I’d say “Oh yeah, he’s the guy who doesn’t know who Benedict Cumberbatch is! Shit man, I was pretty surprised!” The conversation heads from country music to the shit of the country side. I was glad that I could make that conversation interesting in my own way. But, I doubted I ever bothered to know about “Blake Shelton” for his own self anymore.

The point here is we have our own dump from regional cinema and Bollywood that we are habituated to and is inevitably stored . Would you like to add more shit to your brain with the tagline “posh”? Of course, one needs to know about the top performers and avant-gardes in various fields of arts to feel good while enjoying arts and to make interesting conversations with people.  But are you conditioned to remember just the trivia and leave the rest just because it’s easy to remember? Is your time so worthless ? (My time is though, because I’m writing this article!)

Ending on a dignified quote: “Shit is shit. It’s not filthy only when it is wet and aesthetically attractive when it is dry on a tissue paper!”

PS: Thank you for reading this shit. I highly recommend you not to force yourself to touch some of the above shit that I adhered to!


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