I review "EEGA" as I watched it twice.It is a movie which is mandatory for all telugu cinegoers mainly because it has a different approach storywise and secondly it has been made a routine telugu movie in the end as Rajamouli felt that Tolly audience won't accept fully a movie of Hollywood genre (type).
           The movie,as everyone knew the storyline from the trailer itself,was based only on cinematography ,in which Rajamouli excelled with his usual victory fame.Coming to the graphics,though it looked ordinary after watching english epics like avatar,it had the best graphics ever in tollywood cinema.The feelings of the "eega" were expressed with good background score from M.M.Kreem (though seemed like copied ) gave the feel of  a pixar movie which being the highlight of the movie.
Coming to the starring,everyone gave their best as they had no option working under Rajamouli(else they will suffer punishments like Kajal had in Magadheera).Nani had minimal role and thus the selection of the opposite actor had been crucial and Rajamouli did a very good job selecting Kannada star Sudeep opposite.He had been fabulous in his acting making the movie less boring though there has been less romance in the movie for which majority telugu audience(masses) go.Nevertheless, people were disappointed for the absence of Item song in the movie.The story seemed less realistic.Yet S.S.Rajamouli supported his 2 and hour routine take with an father-to-daughter night-time story narration  add-on which if u miss will make u take this movie in a negative way someways.
           Overall, the movie has been and will be a big success because Rajamouli understands telugu people aptly but we don't percept movies if they are taken noir.
           Anyway,congrats S.S.R. for making a different story a huge success in tollywood with a routine take . Kudos to u ....
                                                  Rate it : 4/5


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