GANGS OF WASSEYPUR is a typical hindi movie of Eastern Indian slang and Bihari mannerisms.The movie resembles a bit in plot to RGV's 'Raktha Charithra',but that was based on a political vengeance of AP origin and this had its Bihari features like Village love, Enjoyable vulgarity and the vengeance part was violent and realistic.It mainly revolves around Muslim families whose culture was depicted very lucratively and background of the movie was new.
                                Castwise, Manoj Bajpayee was at his best retrieving his capability as a lead role player and the other actors were decent as they weren't the crowd-pulling actors but sure they were crowd-moving actors.Actresses were pretty and played their part well.Cinematography was innovative and interesting too.The only problem with the movie being the hindi accent which is difficult for novice hindi learners like Hyderabadis ( Maddus).The climax was a bit prolonged though as it ended abruptly giving pavement to 'GOW 2'. So,surely this movie is a must-watch for all kinds of youth who believe that director( Anurag Kashyap ) makes a movie good or bad and the cast make only extra collections.
                                               Surely waiting for GOW 2 
                                                    Rate it : 3.5/5 My rating: 3/5(as I faced problem with hindi accent) 


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